Apologies for the delay in catching up with the final instalments! We started our final day with our final breakfast at Husid and waved goodbye to our fantastic hosts Jana and the Husid team.

St Ivo Staff and the Husid Team.

The fifth and final day of our Iceland experience saw us journey back towards Keflavik airport and the Reykjanes Peninsula area where our adventures started last Saturday.

Our first top was to a geothermal field Austurengia also known as Krysuvik. The temperature just below the surface here is 200oC and the water is boiling as it emerges. We visited the Seltun area where boardwalks led us around an area of hot springs and mud pots. We were greeted by a rather pungent smell of hydrogen sulphide from the steaming sulfuric solfataras (volcanic vents). The area has stunning hydro thermally altered rocks characterised by a rainbow of colours and sulphur deposits.



Having left Krysuvik we then made our way further round the coastline area to an area known as the “Bridge between two continents”. Here, at the Midlina Mid-point, the North American plate is moving to the west and the Eurasian plate to the left, drifting apart at 2cm/yr. There is a 15 metre footbridge which spans the gap between the Eurasian and North American plates. As the two plates are continuously drifting apart they create linear fractures known as fissures as they do so. Here at the Bridge between two continents, there is a major fissure over which the bridge passes. The bridge was built to symbolise the connection between Europe and North America.

This was our final visit of the tour and we then made our way back to Keflavik airport where we caught our return flight back to the UK leaving behind the spectacular and unique landscapes of Iceland.

Getting ready to land back in the UK.